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Kids & Junior Basketball with Fun & Care

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

We realised that there are lot of kids who love to join a team to play basketball when we were trying to find kids to replace resigned players. 

That motivated us to expand the original single team Blazers as Sydney Blazers to form many other teams with different age groups and to give the senior players an opportunity to coach the younger kids.

With that idea Sydney Blazers was formed in March 2016 and it was a continuous journey from there onwards.


We became official in October 2016 under the name Sydney BLazers Basketball Association Inc registering as a not for profit organisation

Our Vision

Make Basketball more popular and widespread in Australia by providing quality training to players at an affordable cost to the community with care and compassion.

Our Objectives

a. Give the juniors in Sydney to join Blazers get trained in a safe environment, improve skills and confidence to compete in competitions and tournaments.

b. Build young leaders by giving opportunity to the existing players on the association who display excellent leadership skills