Kids & Junior Basketball with Fun & Care 


SBBA is using the format provided by the NSW Government COVID-19 Safety Plan for Community Sporting competitions and full training activities. Dated 13 June 2020 effective 1 July 2020. This will be updated as and when required according to the changes announced by the NSW Government.


* Players and Family must follow NSW HEALTH advice for Covid Safety.  Please follow their news on any of the media and be updated on regular basis.

* Everyone including players with phones download the government COVIDSAFE App and activate it

*  If either players or anyone at home is sick with Covid like symptoms please stay at home. Get tested and come back when it's cleared as negative.  

* Clean well  and go to Toilet before coming to training or competition - Unless in an emergency do not use the toilets

* Bring a large bottle of water - do not use bubblers or taps to drink wanter.  

* All players must bring their own basketball. No one will be allowed for training if they do not have their own.

* Parents are not allowed to enter the Basketball courts  .

* Parents staying around the courts may required to provide the contact details  and also to maintain 1.5m social distancing rule.

 ARRIVE -   Not Earlier than 5 minutes on Schedule Time.   Entry Gate will be Closed in half an hour from the Start time. 

*  PICK UP - ON Time from the pick up point. 

* Parking Staff Car Park. 

* Please clean well once at home


* Everyone entering required to use Hand Sanitizers provided

* Players are required to clean the basketballs with the wipes provided

* Everyone will be checked for Temperature at the Entry 

* Commonly touched areas will be disinfected.