Kids & Junior Basketball with Fun & Care 


Training Fee per Term

Kids 5-9 years or younger - $100       This is for Min 10 lessons of 1 hour each

Kids 10 years or older   - $ 100          This is for Min 10 lessons of 1 hours each

Training & Competition players- $125 - This is Min 1o lessons of 1.5  hours each

Siblings - 25% Discount 

Please Note - we cannot invoice per training sessions. Fees must be paid for the full term if joined between first 5 weeks or half price if joined after 6th week

No make up lessons available 

Uniforms  Fees

Training Singlet  - $20.00

Competition uniform - $ 60.00

Competition (Court) Fees

Competition ( Court ) fees are different and separate from Training  fees  and will be invoiced per season by Hills Basketball Association.

Competition fees to be paid to Sydney Blazers . Sydney Blazers will pay court fees to HBA via the Managers' portal.  Players can see the invoice via player portal of HBA. 

Hills Basketball /NSW Basketball Membership Fees & Annual Player Insurance

All Competition players must register and pay the membership fee to Hills Basketball Association prior to the competition start

Existing players renew the membership annually


All competition related fees - please visit

Refund Policy

No training fees will be refunded nor negotiated

No competition(Court ) fees can be refunded nor negotiated

Terms for Competition Players

We decide if the players are competition ready and suitable for a particular division of the competition.

When enrolled for a season the players are bound to play for the entire season which consists of two terms.  Even if the kids cannot play the second term you must pay competition fees for that term.

We will consider enrolling players who cannot commit for training.  Unless they are extremely athletic they will need to play at the bottom division of the age group.  They need to pay $60 per term for the game coaching

Active Kids Vouchers 

We accept the vouchers and can be redeemed as part of your fees . The vouchers are not refundable.

If we receive incorrect or already redeemed vouchers an additional admin fee of $10 will be charged. 

Active Kids Voucher Rules

* Can only use the voucher with the players names on it. 

* Cannot use sibling vouchers for another child

* Cannot use to buy uniforms

* Cannot use both voucher for the same activity within the same term

* Can use the second voucher during the same term if there are extended activities.

* Competition is an extended activity of  training 

* We have created two activities as below

     2153 - Training

     2154- Competition